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How we work

We pickup the old scraps maintaining complete transparency with our customers. We value not just the consumers but also the goods that they have contacted for.

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our mission

Our mission is to establish and maintain eco-friendly, non-polluted society through innovative and distinguishing processes of scrap recycling.

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In a well developing country like India, a large number of folk is involved in the activities like begging, cleaning the surroundings, waste picking, etc. In fact, accumulating junks has been considered to be in the lowest stage of the urban occupational hierarchy. Well, it seems that basically, children and women are employed in this instance.

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Employment generated

Women 13

Total 21



  • Hats off to Crazy Kabadi for making the Earth a better place to live.

    Priyanka Roy

  • Outstanding process to keep the planet pollution free. Keep on doing the good work guys!

    Hari Sankar Das

  • Completely satisfied with the quick service of Crazy Kabadi.

    Sanjeeb Goyel

  • Simply amazed with the pickup facility of the company, which is saving a lot of time.

    Shilpa Banerjee

  • Appreciating the initiative of Crazy Kabadi for making the earth pollution free.

    Raj Singhania

  • I have already became a fan of the working procedure of Crazy Kabadi. Keep up the good work.

    Sneha Malhotra


On Jan 4, 2017

Impelling Reasons for the People to to get Involved in Recycling

Leading a healthy life takes a lot of effort from our end than just purchasing some organic food and living on it. In order to lead a well balanced life, we also need to take care of our planet and save the environment from getting polluted. Thus, recycling is an essential step, which can lead us towards having a brighter tomorr...

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