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In a well developing country like India, a large number of folk is involved in the activities like begging, cleaning the surroundings, waste picking, etc. In fact, accumulating junks has been considered to be in the lowest stage of the urban occupational hierarchy. Well, it seems that basically, children and women are employed in this instance.

In accordance with the 2011 census report, a huge number of people of Kolkata live in the slum area. Among them, a great many are connected with waste picking, discriminating and selling. Quite naturally, out of them, majority is illiterate, migrants and don't possess any permanent place to live in.

It won’t be an exaggeration to mention that in the case of junks recycling, these people play a major or crucial role. A great amount of trash is accumulated from both formal and informal sectors and the waste pickers are quite significant in collecting and trading those to complete the whole recycling procedure. However, in most of the developing countries it’s seen that about 15-20% of the trash generated is tackled by the day-to-day ground and it’s quite beneficial to the financial as well as environmental aspect. So, the waste pickers must be appreciated for leading the scraps towards recycling method to help out the municipality. That’s not all and these individuals should be incorporated formally in the solid waste management structure to have adequate livelihood.

They should obtain:

  • ID Cards
  • Insurance
  • Proper Database
  • Well, being our staffs, the waste pickers are provided with insurance of 1 lakh, ID cards and sponsored vehicles to ease their works of waste collecting. Not only that but also health camps are arranged for our employees to look into the matter of their health conditions. Thus, Crazy Kabadi constantly support the workers of their teams so that the benevolent deed can be completed without any complication.

BOC Engaged

RagePickers 19

Life Imapacted 53

Employment generated

Women 13

Total 21

Waste Picker's Kids

The life of the waste pickers are full of adversities and hardships. They have to pass miserable days. The children of such families are not exception to it and they are supposed to suffer from the worse health condition.

Their financial conditions force them to drop out their education in the middle way. Even, if there's a chance to have cost-free education, the parents are incapable of affording the transportation cost and the prices of textbooks and uniforms also. However, a law has been there asserting that there must be compulsory educational assistance for the kids whose parents are involved in junks picking or occupations like that. Well, there are so many obstacles to make such schemes successful though.

The individuals of Crazy Kabadi gather the significant information about such kids and our attempt is to link them with the CSR activities and the worthwhile government schemes.

To assist these poor and needy children, persons can:

  • Donate the dry trash that include old books and papers, magazines, plastic products and glass bottles, aluminum foils etc. The money proportionate to it will be given to those children.
  • Contribute old and unnecessary clothes, old but needful books and stationary products to such impoverished kids.
  • Besides, several companies may take responsibilities of their edification under their CSR activities.

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