Frequently asked questions

  • How does Recycling work?

    Recycling is quite a useful concept, where unnecessary items are collected for making something useful out of them, instead of throwing those goods away. The recyclable goods might range from the old papers of your house to the unused electronic gadgets. The process works by sorting out the different goods and sending them away for making new products.

  • Why is it important for you to recycle?

    Recycling is essential for a number of reasons, which includes- preserving the natural resources, conserving energy, providing employment to a lot of people. The more you choose the path of recycling, the less garbage will be piled up in a place to pollute our environment. By reusing paper, glass, aluminum and other materials for saving a lot of energy.

  • Who would pickup the recyclable goods from us?

    This is one of the most common questions asked by a lot of people turning towards recycling. There is no need for you to get worried about the fact that, who would take care of your recyclable goods. Just give a call to the company who are working in the recycling industry to schedule a pickup from your house.

  • What is single stream recycling?

    Single stream recycling is a technique, where everything from the cardboard to metals or plastics are gathered in a single cart for going through the process. But, it is still essential for you to follow the general guidelines to complete the process. The only difference in this technique is that, you have to put everything in a single container for conducting the process.

  • Why can’t I recycle everything?

    Recycling of everything is not at all possible due to their different market value. Don’t forget that recycling is also a business driven by supply and demand. The demand of a particular material will be scrutinized well for understanding the market value. The demand of consumers can also make a product ideal for recycling. In short, a product must have a market value to get through the process of recycling.

  • Why should I recycle the household textiles?

    Nowadays, household textiles have become one of the largest sources of the accumulating waste of the world. Thus, recycling of household textiles can actually save the earth from getting polluted. On the other hand, this technique is also helpful for producing low cost apparels for the household, where the income source is not too much.

  • What are the items, which can be recycled?

    Recycling is a flourishing industry to which a lot of people are associated with. In fact, this is the one and only technique, which can save our earth from being destructed by the increasing amount of pollution. There are a lot of items in your household, which actually can be recycled. The items includes- newspaper, aluminum, old telephone books, glass bottles, etc.

  • What does the recycling symbol represent?

    The recycling symbol with its three arrows represents the steps used in conducting a recycling process. The first arrow symbolizes the collection of recyclable goods. The second arrow reflects the manufacturing of new products through the waste materials. Finally, the third arrow is there to symbolize the products sold to the consumers.

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