How We Work

We are blessed to have inherited such a lovely and green planet and being rational creatures, it is our duty and responsibility to maintain that positive grandeur and pass it on to the next generation. We must follow some guidelines and work on some procedures for the betterment of our living place. To give safe and green environment to our children, we must make detailed and thorough research beforehand and the primary concern of Crazy Kabadi is to maintain that propaganda.

Quite naturally, at first place what we can do for the improvement of our society is to make it pollution free from every aspect. Decades after decades, various kinds of environmental pollution has been putting major negative impacts and we first learn to annihilate those aspects to create green and clean earth. This prospect would be fulfilled after accumulating unused stuffs that can be reused and recycled.

Our Process of Working:

We roll up the unused or old stuffs that have been thrown out because of being unnecessary. We collect all the scraps not only from the households but also from different industries. The wastes from households can benefit after being reused or recycled. Old clothes, furniture, plastic products are regarded as the scraps, which we recycle utilizing technology based advanced methods.

Our clients schedule a convenient time when we pickup the stuffs. Our door to door service is quite satisfying as our staffs perform with complete proficiency by being punctual thoroughly. The collected and accumulated wastes become needful as well as useful enough after going through the upgraded recycling processes. The gathered industrial scraps including metals, toxic wastes, chemical wastes are what we deal with. We assemble the scraps and process them so that those can be reused.

We are committed to save the time of our clients in the case of recycling the junks for the betterment of our environment. Increasing population, economic development are highly responsible for generating tons of trashes every year. Crazy Kabadi knows the advantage of living in a healthy ground and hence, all our professionals are bound to promote this unique plan.

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Now, stop being worried and bothered about the wastes that may create detriment and health issues. All the professionals of Crazy Kabadi have taken an oath to get you out of this trouble by making our planet a better and more wonderful place to dwell in. Just fill in the details of the below attached form to get connected with our impeccable services. We are here to free you from the tension of scraps. Just let us know your contact details and we will reach you shortly to collect the trashes so that we would be capable of reusing them for the advancement of our surroundings.


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