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The primary ambition of Crazy Kabadi is to enhance the surroundings by making it a fitter and a worthier place to dwell in. The scraps or junks that we believe to be worthless may benefit us if get recycled properly. The procedure of reusing trash is advantageous enough because of saving energy and raw materials too. We take pride in for getting closely connected with the marvelous “Go Green” mission.
To make our work agenda successful, we require investors, whose assistance would help us to move forward. We’re thankful to those who have already joined us and invested and we cordially welcome more such interested partners. Come in, join our mission to accumulate the scraps and recycle them in the most convenient way.

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The willing people are requested to fill in the below attached form providing all the necessary details. We are waiting to get your valuable message and feedback. Well, you are also free to get directly involved with us by contacting our CEO Mr. S.Ganesh on Help us to take our endeavor to new heights.

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