Rate Card
Material NameRatePrice per
Newspaper₨ 10.00Kg
Books₨ 9.00Kg
Hard Plastic₨ 2.50Kg
Magazines₨ 8.00Kg
Water/Oil Covers₨ 15.00Kg
Mix-Waste₨ 4.00Kg
Others ₨ 3.00Kg
Polythene(Mix)₨ 4.00Kg
Aluminium₨ 80.00Kg
Beer Bottles ₨ 00 .90Piece
Plastic Jar (15ltr)₨ 16.00Piece
Record Paper₨ 10.00Kg
White Papers₨ 9.00Kg
Carton₨ 8.00Kg
Iron₨ 10.00Kg
Tin₨ 6.00Kg
Milk Covers₨ 4.00Kg
Grey Board₨ 3.00Kg
Mix Plastic₨ 4.00Kg
E-waste₨ 10.00Kg
Soft Plastic ₨ 10.00 Kg
Steel₨ 22.00Kg
Brass₨ 205.00Kg
Copper₨ 240.00Kg
Fibre₨ 7.00Kg

Schedule a Pick Up

Are you willing to take part in our mission for making the surroundings clean and green? Want to donate the scraps or else would you like us to receive the trash in exchange of money? No matter for what you’re getting in touch with us, one of our pickup boys will be there to ease your work. Tell us your convenient time and you’ll be given the service of picking up junks from your doorstep.


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